A downloadable ZiwZiw

ZiwZiw is a little hungry bird , he jumps from his nest to bite the worm and go back to a new nest.

You need to TAP the screen to jump and ziwziw will catch the worm for you.

Another TAP to go back to the nest.

After every bite :

- +1 score .

- Worm speed increase.

- A new nest appears with a new position and a new size.

!! Beware of falling !!


Newbie : 10

Beginner : 20

Expert : 30

Professional : 50

Legend : 100 ( impossibru !!!!!!)

Developer best score : 25.

ziwziw 2.0 !

★ Fast jump

- extra score bonus.

- blocks increasing the worm's speed

★ Gameplay improvements

- many suprises when making good scores make the game little harder and more funny

★ Graphics improvements

★ Music and funny sounds

★ Don't forget to use little worms to help you to make better scores

★ Have fun and good game !

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Published1 year ago
AuthorGlag games
Tags2D, Arcade, bird, Funny

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